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Most of people don't know how to meet new friends online, whether its because they are shy, they don't live near big cities that have that many people, or just simply because they are lazy! Thats why we have Omegle.

With websites like omegle, you can start a cam 2 cam video chat like you have never experienced before. All you need is a computer (well Obviously) an internet connection ( broadband suggested), a webcam and microphone.

Let us explain how this works. Usually when people get bored they find ways to get busy. Now-a-days many people go to Omegle websites where they simply connect to a random platform that keeps making video connections between people that are logged in. The original website was created in 2010 and has millions and millions of users online at the same time, but they have on little (but yet big problem), they barely have any girls online. Thats why we created Chatzik.

If you go to omegle, you will noticed it is full of guys perving arround and barely any female pops up in your screen, you get nexted within the chance for a simple hello, and its frustrating. Make sure you register in our website to have this situation fixed.

Omegle Girls

People keep complaining that Omegle girls are hard to find. But that is not a problem anymore. The reason you get more males rather than females in omegle websites is simply because boys tend to be more confident and less shy in going live in camera for a random stranger.

In our website, we show you a way to meet this hot ladies for free simply by registering using a valid name, birthdate and email adress. This is completely free for everyone and is just done to keep control of abusers. Our website is 18+ only, so we don't want any underages to go on the website and abuse.

The girls in our website are willing to do everything you want. Just kindly start a conversation with them and cross your fingers for them to like you. Many guys have had success with the girls in our omegle website. Why don't you try your luck?

Omegle Talk With Strangers

Welcome to the best new site in the internet! Are you bored of not finding good matches in sites like Chatroulette and Omegle ? Are you tired of being skipped by everyone without the hability to say a simply "hello" or "male or female"? We have this best alternative for you. Chazik is the best Free Omegle Alternative in the internet!

Websites like omegle and chatroulette usually ban users for displaying "not authorized broadcast of webcam" or charge you for premium tokens to find just girls, but we dont! Our website has the best charoulette and omegle girls and we won't ban you nor have a connection limit!

Feel free to use our Free webcam chatrooms and invite all of your friends. It is totally free to register and chat with the hottest ladies online.