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Find Girls in Chatroulette

Here you can read a few tips on how to find girls in chatroulette. We all know it is not an easy task, but there are a few points that you can think of to have the best online chat experience ever

First of all, never abuse of a girl you don't have the trust in. Many guys out there love to show their private parts to girls in chatroulette, but unlikely man, women don't like that!. Girls are not that easy going as guys are. Of course many girls like sex too, but 90% of them prefer an "ok" chat before you start into SEXTING

Also you have to make sure to be nice to the ladies. Don't expect to make requests to chatroulette girls as soon as you meet them. First say a nice Hello, then start having a conversation about something random that she might like, then when the things get "spicy" ask her if she want's to do something, in most chases when the girl in the other side makes a request, she will let you make a nice request back!

Chatroulette Tokens, Bans and Connections

The original Chatroulette is full of problems. When it started back in 2010 it was a sucess, however the owner just keeps asking people for premium tokens instead on focusing on the main issues chatroulette is facing

If you try to go to the original website, the first problem you encounter is the need of a cellphone number to verify your indentity. This is too bad because many people don't feel safe when giving their phone number (it's way easier and safer to ask for an email address like us), and also if you ever had a chatroulette account with the same number, that you can't remember a password in example, you simply can't re-join the website.

Another problem people face daily at that video chat site, is that it asks for money for premium connnections. The owner wants the users to pay for example to search for just girls in chatroulette. This can get pricey as you will end up paying up to 20 dollar for just 100 connections

The last but deffinetly not least problem is that chatroulette is having server problems. A few years ago you could login and find more than 50.000 users online at all time, now you will find at most during the peak hours 3.000 users. Our partner websites have lots more girls to chat in chatroulette style